Updated 2018 Edition: Your new personal Lightroom class. On your own time.
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2Import, Metadata & Develop33:13
3What's New in LR CC11:29
4Travel Workflow47:21
5Catalog Management, Smart Previews08:37
6Syncing Two Computers19:00
7Filtering Metadata18:42
8LR Mobile21:13
9Backups, Performance, Files22:29
10Lens Profiles, Plugins, Roundtripping21:30
11HDR & Panoramas19:16
12Eleven Edits1:22:17

What you'll get


  • Up to 5 hours of 1080p HD video
  • DRM-free
  • Works on almost any device

Demo Files

  • Only in the Full Bundle
  • Lightroom Catalog: Eleven Edits
  • Lightroom Catalog: Panorama & HDR


  • Videos and Demo Files as a 1GB zip file

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About Chris

Chris Marquardt is a professional photographer and photo educator. He’s been discussing photography on his podcast, Tips from the Top Floor, since 2005. Chris is the Photographic Mythbuster on Leo Laporte’s Tech Guy show and he coaches photographers around the world in his workshops.

The Original Workshop

Originally released in 2014, this workshop features a little older version of Lightroom, but most concepts stood the test of time and still show valuable techniques. Marvel at Chris' big hair and his skills.

About the Workshop

Over four years, we created several German versions of this workshop and turned thousands of photographers into extremely happy customers. This brand new video workshop in English includes all the information of these previous productions - and more! Its contents are updated for Lightroom CC, the latest version.